You can now get a tattoo that plays music

Soundwave AR tattoos

I have to say it looks and sounds neat. AR tattoos that play music.

Make a tattoo in the shape of your desired soundwave, scan it with a mobile app – and it plays it.

The idea, which is simple but genius, comes from the guys at Skinmotion. It started as a “what if” test, when Nate Siggard and his girlfriend Juliana were curious to see if they could make a tattoo that can play sound. They quickly test inked a soundwave of a recording of them and their baby, filmed and uploaded to Youtube.

That got viral pretty fast, and Nate also filed a provisional for a patent.

And next came the online service and the app – upload your audio file, get a waveform design you can send to a tattooist, and use the app to scan and play.

Juliana herself tattooed her dog’s growl:

And where are the 100s of other videos ? As it appears so far – this is still too new and even radical for the average tattoo lover.

I actually like it, it’s geeky and interesting, but most people probably think it’s too gimmicky. And to be honest, the whole domain of AR application for daily use is kind in it’s early days. Games work, but the reality of people holding phones to scan and view AR objects….? that will take a little more time to catch.

Or we just need someone like Kanye to popularize it while promoting himself, and suddenly every kid wants to have it.

When I think about it….maybe there’s a business model here. Just with Henna tattoos. Sell them with audio bites from songs.

Could I be on to something? I gotta test it. Will update!