blackicecream and goth latte2

I know why everyone is psyched about Goth latte and Goth ice-cream

Solid black has the same effect of diamonds

You’ve probably already noticed that the “coal black” latte and ice cream mods, which initially popped up during the summer as a fun experiment in local cafes around LA and NY, have successfully triggered the “must have on my insta” trigger for many.

all black ice cream
Source: felicis on Instagram

I’m all in as well. The immediate urge to get hold of a goth latte and all black ice cream is so natural, that I didn’t think there’s much to explain here. It’s simple colour psychology science. Black is such a contrasting colour, that any “goth” food you’ll put in the front of the camera will grab attention on the spot.

goth latte all black coffee
Source: Instagram

It’s a perfect composition for a visual platform like instagram.

Source: torimiau on Instagram

But I think there’s another thing behind food negrophilia. I call it “tiredness of unicorn rainbows”.

You see, here in the nordics we love wearing black. Especially in the winter. We even sing about it! My favourite cite is from Swedish metal gods Tiama: “any colour you like as long as it’s black”.

swedish people wearing black
Stockholm black fashion style. Source: flickr

One of the main reasons for the popular noir styling is the uniting Swedish/Danish and in some ways also Finnish/Norwegian affinity for minimalism and low profile social stamp. People don’t like to swallow attention and be noisy here. It’s considered rude and arrogant. Staying low key and “down to earth” with manners is the ruling social guideline in Sweden and Denmark.

And as such it’s affected in clothing choices. Everyone in Sweden has a long black wool coat for winter times.

swedish people wearing black 2 danish people wearing black

Sometimes in the winter it even looks like ghosts are walking around, cause everyone is covered with long black coats. And it’s never considered a “goth” fashion statement. It’s just the norm.

Let’s get back to ice-cream. You hold it in your hands, it’s visible to everyone. If it’s just a regular 2-3 flavors, who cares. If it’s all black, everyone is looking. Same like diamonds – it swallows attention and gravitates other people’s interest.

It’s like…a fashion accessory.

And if ice cream is like a bag, the Latte is perhaps more like a ring. You “dress” them for a while, and then again. It’s not just about the taste.

When you strip down multi flavors and colors and stay solid black, you signal a sharp focus in what matters. In one specific, hidden, real element. Someone has to find out what it is. The black colour won’t give any clues.

blackicecream goth ice cream
Source: _deelam on Instagram

And here’s the contrast with the unicorn rainbow. I think people might be getting tired of this culture meme. It’s too noisy. They want to find their one “black” essence, instead of riding with other unicorns in non-existent realities. It’s a counter movement to solid, basic, minimalism, which isn’t negative or pessimistic. Just not overly festive and falsely “great”.

Sipping a goth latte slowly or consuming the black magic ice cream kinda brings you close to a core, fierce and intricate matter. The multi facets aren’t visible, you need to dive and find them. Exactly like diamonds.

goth latte jimmys coffee
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blackicecream from little damage
Source: burguerlandfood on Instagram
sipping good warm goth latte
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