Russia is not a country, it’s a state of mind

i’ve collected 25+ gifs of pure russian fun

meanwhile in russia
Source: Russia

Among the endless oceans of viral clips out there, I’ve always found the “meanwhile in Russia” genre to be on its own level.

The obvious reason is the country’s eclectic mix of risk-seeking people who never knew anything else than a tight regime, old primitive infrastructure, sudden flow of money and business to the capital, and a passion to be recognized as a “legit” part of the global society whilst still preserving the beloved soviet habits.

And one big daddy to rule them all: Vodka.

Russia is a twilight zone where absurdity shines between lots of ingenuity, and as such it produces a never ending stream of farcical situations documented on video and known as “Russia clips”.

The call to benefit the internet with a curated selection of such clips was upon me, and I’ve set out to do some categorization and sorting. I’ve discovered, not surprisingly, that there’s order in the chaos. As you’ll see in the next pages of this Russian life gag compilation.