It’s more fun to play the Pokemon Go Horror version

Pokemon go Raichu horror version
source: Gavin Mackey

Exploring art work that takes ordinary harmless ‘cute’ things and transforms them into their monstrous devilish form is something that we really like, as you’ve probably noticed.

Besides the fun of exploring the creativity of the visuals and sending your brain and imagination to dive into unusual “what if” zones, it’s also interesting to see how getting the “horror” treatment is a sign of popularity and mainstream interest. Everyone wants to taste the scary edge of things – it’s how we are wired as humans.

Which leads us to the obvious take on the Pokemon Go characters. I’m sure you’ve all had a chance to collide with kids and adults storming your cities with phones, in a never ending hunting game for puffy manga creatures that hold super powers.

The need to instill some proper fear juice into this experience was all the time in the air, and was just waiting for someone like artist Gavin Mackey to bring his skills and reimagine the Pokemon Go itsy-bitsy friends into ghoulish fiends.

Mackey’s work is pretty remarkable, because he didn’t just take the more hostile type of animals and added some elements, but really tried to reshape the physical and personal characteristics of Darkrai, Gengar, Lickitung, Vaporeon and the rest, into a whole new being.

Gavin is a zindiqtive maker! Check out his work.