I’m turning kids into nightmare creatures

source: Lynn Hetherington

We can certainly claim body painting artist Lynn Hetherington Becker as a true Halloween innovator. Kids all over the world love playing with monster face paint job, but the kind of transformations Lynn is doing with children are on a different level.

She literally turns them into other creatures, taken from a high-budget fantasy or horror movie set. The level of detail and the overall styling are astounding. She manages to remove the kids’ “cuteness” and turn them into creepy lilliputian imps.

In an interview with Metro UK, she shared some tips and explained how she self-taught herself:

After my divorce, I had to figure out what to do with my life and how to make ends meet. I had done face painting at church events and decided to give it a go professionally and it took off. I’ve been doing it for two years now and keep trying new and more complex designs.

…I’d recommend using good paint and bushes rather than the cheap Halloween store kits.

You can buy a little palette of a better brand online and they’re much easier to work with and are better for your skin.

Use a visual reference if you’re painting something for the first time and practice in order to get to know the best consistency of the paint.

Check out this unique gallery of her work. We’re sure the kids were having a blast.