Sophia Hadjipanteli

I love unibrows, here’s what you don’t understand about it

it’s not weird, it’s hypnotic

You may think what you want on unibrows, but the fact is that nowadays they are gaining new momentum as a symbol of a body-positive spirit, spiced with a raw vintage flavor.

Take Sophia Hadjipanteli for example:

???? this is me

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She’s a student and an Instagram model (originally from Cyprus) which have ramped 60,000 followers so far. She’s a darling for the #UnibrowMovement, although she says she is “not trying to get anyone on the unibrow bandwagon”.

I wear makeup because it is fun. I have a unibrow because it is a preference. I wear makeup and have a unibrow because it is what I like. Don't put me in a bubble. Just because I embrace one natural part of me doesn't mean I'm a hypocrite for wanting to enhance other parts of who I am. I thought I would just put this out there just as a blanket statement. I'm who I am because I want to be this way. When you judge others for wearing makeup, dying their hair, altering parts of their body or inner self, JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T, makes you just as toxic as a lot of societal norms and pressures we are constantly faced with. AT THE END OF THE DAY just do you cuz imma be doing me whether you like it or not. ????

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You’d have to admit, there’s something hypnotic when you look at her gorgeous eyebrows

THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE THAT WANT US TO ALL LOOK THE SAME – don't ???? even ???? try ???? me ????

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Something that tickles our sense of authentic natural beauty that is untouched by fashion norms or tries to align with Instagram “babe culture”.

When combined with the right stark face makeup, the unibrow

No really lol go subscribe

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Sophia has no problem in celebrating her unibrow as part of herself and especially how it complements her face. That has naturally led her profile to develop a stormy comments section, moving between those who easily support her and even see her as somewhat of a unibrow cult icon, and those who to troll with hateful comments.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA just some party animals trynna make it

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She was recently interviewed to Harper’s Bazaar, and shared her mindset and attitude regarding her style choice and the “fashion police” comments:

“I think it’s kind of bizarre that people who fill-in their eyebrows, not that I’m hating on people that do at all, but they’re annoyed when I don’t fill mine in and leave them as they are. We are both trying to achieve the same standard of beauty, but in a different ways”

I just went for a walk with Pierre and my Mama

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and that she’s apparently not pursuing a crusade for “go unibrow”:

“I am not really doing this to show people that they have to like [my unibrow], I am more so doing it to show people that they can get on with their lives by having a preference. I personally think my face looks better this way. Others disagree, and that’s totally cool”

But here’s the thing that’s unsaid, but we think explains the real power of the unibrow. It embodies something feral, as if you are looking at a tiger’s face. We are awed by the strong decisive “boxed” eye line, and at the same time feel that we’re also being inspected. In other words, subconsciously, the unibrow draws a deeper and stronger connection with the face we are looking at. Our instincts guide us to pay more attention to that person, “take it seriously”, figure if friend or foe and try to think what are our next steps. Our curiosity and survival skills are triggered.

Which in turn, makes us feel just a bit of that elusive “call of the wild” mixed with the unexplained feel of gazing at “raw beauty”. We’re back at the base game. Face to face – raw, real.

In the age of Instagram barbie-craze and never ending duplicate model poses, natural looks such as Sophia’s force us to re-discover the meaning of attraction.

It turned out that many people already got it, and after lots of requests, Sophia posed as painter Frida Kahlo, the absolute icon of unibrow.

That was an experience which deepened her confidence and orientation:

“After doing that, I feel like I have labeled myself as someone who is embracing being myself and isn’t necessarily being natural, but instead just doing what I want.” She adds, “I like having everything else snatched, except my eyebrows.”

To step outside of the fashion world’s definitions and conflicts, we asked a few of our totally mainstream non-fashionista male friends what they think on Sophia’s look.

The unequivocal response was: “she is damn hot, and I actually get excited by this unibrow”

You see, sometimes you really need to resort to the non-sophisticated guy perspective just to put things back in proportions.

It's my birthday month btw #sofuckingdepop @depop ???????? sophiaih

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Time will tell how big of an Instagram audience Sophia could grow – she has definitely made a mark so far. We love!