the horror makeups of the creeper in jeepers creepers

Creating the creeper demon from Jeepers Creepers

Great behind the scenes film on the art of horror makeup and creature

Something nice i’ve just stumbled upon. A short docu covering the creation of the creeper character from the cult Jeepers Creepers series (no. 3 is coming soon).

It’s a great documentary simply because it takes you through the whole process of the gargoyle like monster formation, with all crew members that are involved in it. The discuss several of the initial mockups and designs that were considered for the creeper looks, an how they’ve decided on what to take from it and what to ditch.

The suit and makeups that Jonathan Breck was wearing were going through couple of fine tuning phases, including some neat tricks to make him look much scarier on the 2nd film.

Really cool tour into the craftsmanship of horror makeup: