“Let’s make a blog about badass things we find”

Our story basically starts a year ago, when the three of us – Erica, Nigel and Isabell – realized after countless late bar nights that we all share the same taste for wacky-cool-avant-garde mind stimulating stuff. We looked around and saw there aren’t many blogs out there that are trying to cover those easy-to-miss bits of radness, and thought, “well, let’s just start doing it ourselves”.

But then how should we name it? We first went to see a Foo Fighters gig here in Stockholm. We were electrified, our skins turned bubbly and we shivered with absolute joy. We realized we want to create a blog could pass on something from that feeling. Isabell, our edgy brain, decided to dive deep into the caverns of unique words, and found the word “ZINDIQ” – which means “heretic”.

We figured our aim would be to hopefully deliver news and commentary that could capture a natural “heretic” element. Something that stands in contrast to the ordinary-normal-happy-wow-omg plastic culture. Whether it’s worthy art, trippy humour, bad ass stuff or horror film other dreadful things.

We hope you enjoy reading and browsing the site. Do let us know what you think.

Contact us at staff{__at__}zindiq.co
(we’d love to get your suggestions for interesting topics to cover)